Billy Martin was born and raised in NY and lives and writes in Thousand Oaks, CA since 1976.  He speaks for his g-g-generation with his column, Boomerang - What goes around comes around.

He is currently working on several book projects including a collection of columns and essays titled, Boomer Power - Never a grey day, and LITEN-UP! The Serenity Diet - What you hate about other diets, you will love about this one.

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Living Among the Oaks - Sculpture

1000 Oaks are arranged in the shape of one mighty Oak, designed by world renowned artist, Joe Cibere. The architectural design element was conceived by Billy Martin to resolve the controversial issue created when the original art was welded lifeless over 20 years ago.

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U NAME IT Promo - Walnut Key

Walnut Key opens walnuts without breaking them.

It goes right in the bag with walnuts or individually on hanging cards. For businesses, organizations or retail. Imprinted with logo and website.

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Marketing Consultant

I'm an idea man. I had a 25 year career as a Creative/Copywriter. I was a founding partner with Meade Ullman Advertising. I would come up with solutions to client needs. I would then develop a tight estimate and handle the project management through to a solution that is on target, on time, and on budget.

Today ideas come to me for the betterment of Thousand Oaks. I've been called a "visionary" by the Mayor of Thousand Oaks. I ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2010 and 2016. My proudest achievement is the Golden Anniversary Oak on the CAP grounds but I have many more new ideas.

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Contact: billy@billymartin.us