Save Our Oaks

Adopt an Oak funds lost at trail-gate.

It turns out that 18 years of Adopt an Oak donations, totaling $98,000, have disappeared with no money trail. The original founding memo from Councilman and co-founder, Dan Del Campo, was never officially adopted.

The 9-29-1999 document clearly calls for the establishment of a foundation for the preservation of Oaks somehow as part of Open Space under the auspices of COSCA. The plan was adopted by City Council on December 16, 2000. The first donation was for $10,000 for a Heritage Oak on April 10, 2000.

Ive got all of the documentation if anyone would like to help me get to the bottom of things. I don't want to destroy anything. I just want to build it up. See my self-funding plan for the Copper Curtain Donor Wall overlay as a fundraising entity for the preservation, restoration and re-locating of our Heritage Oaks, should the opportunity arise to assist development. There is currently $98,700 in funds that the City can't find. I discovered this only as a way to find money to start the 1000aks1ooo project.

1000 Oak trees sell for $1000 each achievng a donation totaling $1,000,000. This is raised  over the course of ten 100-tree phases. It doesn't matter if or when it is completed. In fact, it will be more of a draw to passers-by as they drive the 101 and watch it grow.

It will pay for that and start-up expenses totaling $50k. That covers 20 years of research and art work. I have prototypes of trees to be installed and an Oak memento for the donor to match the lightweight, brushed aluminum for mounting to curtain sculpture.

HELIPORT on Fireworks Hill

Traffic is congested. Uber is buying flying machines. Drone flying needs to be regulated. All good reasons to have beautiful, state-of-the art Heliport with plenty of parking and road access.

That location has the most spectacular views in town. A HELIPORT would really put Thousand Oaks on the cutting edge. In the center, we relocate a Heritage Valley Oak (Quercus Lobata). We put benches and picnic tables and premium gardens.

At the top of the hillside facing the freeway, we erect a huge fountain with pump to recycle water up and down. We sculpt a Waterfall out of the side of the hill for water to cascade down, visible on the freeway side toward the Oaks.

We  erect a world class fountain. We install a powerful Pump and it recycles water for the fountain and waterfall.

At the base point near the Oaks, we build  a baseline Viewing station at either the former Armstrong or Black Angus sites. We erect a Tram Station there and on the top of the CAP parking structures.

Hire me as Director of Tourism and reallocate the funds from the Chamber of Commerce by taking 25% of  their budget.

VIVA! Downtown

One of the most difficult things for residents considering the Envision Downtown proposals is separating it from the fervor over Measure E.

Envision Downtown was always intended to stand alone. For residents who have long tried to protect he City they love from being overgrown by developers. Yes, it represents change but it is not escalating growth in that sense.

Consider that we have left that part of town alone much as it has been for 75 years. That's long enough. The Downtown Vision is a great idea. And there are so many checks and balances, it is anything but a high speed train to over-development. Its real improvement.

Bulldozers are still a ways away. Residents will continue to monitor that development plan by plan. It's time to embrace a new vision for a boulevard that hasn't kept up for decades and it is economic growth in an area that has stood so long deprived of it.

To the plan's flexibility, I would like to suggest a real hotel, like Hilton, behind the Lakes instead of a boutique hotel in the plaza area. Also, family entertainment like an IMAX to to complement CAP and a real dinner house with Nightclub or something like Stonehaus West.


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  1. With regard to the downtown plan, Id like to express my appreciation to the City Council, particularly Andy Fox and Al Adam for all the time and effort to get to this place. Gonna miss you Andy.

    I have one suggestion on the hotel option left open. Instead of putting a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown put a conventional name hotel behind the Lakes to feed into dining, entertainment and a Downtown stroll.

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