Thousand Oaks Projects


The timing for this project is perfect. As new downtown plans proceed, this commemorative to the people of Thousand Oaks begins. It will draw our community and visitors to our Downtown and become Ventura Freeway's most visible tourist attraction.

For over 20 years, I have been working on utilizing the Copper Curtain as a Donor Wall. I have all costs and estimates ready to go with full confidence in completion as a self-funding venture.

1000aks1000 Oak trees will be mounted in phases.  The first 100 will gross $100,000. That will pay for start up costs of $50,000 and enough to pay for Phase 1. Beginning with Phase II it will not only be self funding, we will raise $50,000 for each 100 sold as a tax-free donation to preserve, protect and re-locate our namesake Oaks.

The 1OOOaks Lover campaign features a green heart at its core. It is designed to promote community spirit and sell merchandise.

The carousel is to replace the ice skating rink in the off seasons.


Walnut Key

Walnut Key is the first advance in opening walnuts since the nut cracker. Walnut Key opens walnuts without cracking nuts to deliver fresh whole walnuts with a simple twist of the wrist.